Live and Let Die: A Symphonic Tribute to Paul McCartney


Hold on tight as you are taken back in time, out of Miller Symphony Hall and down Penny Lane!

Don’t be stuck longing for yesterday! Experience the first concert in the 2018-19 Allentown Symphony Orchestra POPS Series with special guest artist and vocalist, Tony Kishman, from Broadway’s Beatlemania and Classical Mystery Tour. McCartney, a legendary performer and songwriter, has brought audiences songs such as “Yesterday,” “Penny Lane” and of course, the Bond classic “Live and Let Die."

McCartney’s pivotal role with the Beatles made them into the timeless rock band they are known as today. Come celebrate the legacy! This orchestral reimagining of some of McCartney’s classic songs along with Tony Kishman and members of the band will leave audiences feeling rejuvenated, yet nostalgic.