LGBT Art History Classes


Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center presents the Winter 2018 Art History from a Queer Perspective lecture series, featuring four free classes from December 13-January 3.

The first class features The Surrealists! In 1930s and 40s Europe, while the Surrealist artists of all genders were speaking out against the Nazis, most of the male-identified surrealist were also vocally anti-Gay. But most of the woman and Trans-identified Surrealists were strongly identified with the Queer community. This class will explore the ideas and inspirations that fueled surrealist dream-like images, and will also explore the outspoken commitments to gender expansive art work, and same-sex relationships that woman Surrealist artists endorsed. Here’s your chance to learn who Tamara de Lempicka was and see some of the terrific images she created. You won’t forget them!

Instructor: Liz Bradbury, MFA