Ladies Day - Skirmish Paintball


Skirmish has seen millions of people come through its fields, dominate the game, and leave with anticipation of their return to the largest paintball facility in the world. Believe us when we say that the majority of our guests are men - young, old, professional, inexperienced, Pennsylvania natives, and visitors from the West Coast. One thing that most of them have in common is the fact that they are all men!

Who says paintball is a guy’s sport? Who says only dudes can defend the castle? Who says women can’t compete? It’s time to change the norm. Time to see more women capture the flag, feel victorious, and come out on top. It’s time for women to take over the game of paintball! To get our ladies initiated, hesitant or eager, we are offering free play today. This day is for the ladies! Guys, bring your girlfriends. We know you’re nervous that they’ll kick your Empire stamped pants, but just think of how much you’ll be able to brag to your bros. See you on the field ladies!