Labor Day Weekend Train Rides


Take a ride on our historic Pennsy Doodlebug! Enjoy a 45 minute long ride through the scenic Kutztown country side. A fun time for the family in a unique piece of equipment.

Departure times: 11 a.m., 1 & 3 p.m.

Ages 12+: $12
Ages 65+: $10
Ages 3-11: $6
Ages 2 & U: $.01

Order online at

Wondering what a Doodlebug is?
The best way to describe a doodlebug is a self-propelled passenger car. They were made as a more cost effective way to transport passengers. The layout of the Bug similar to a regular passenger car, but more compartmental. The engine is set at one end of the car enclosed in its own area and is separated from the passenger seating by a baggage compartment.

Our Bug, 4666, was built in the 1930's for the Pennsylvania Railroad. She is one of about a dozen Bugs left in existence. So as you can tell, she's a very unique historic piece of equipment.

Since she came to us in early 2016 as a privately owned piece we have been working on restoring her to her glory days. We focused on mechanical issues first and were able to debut her return to running in the fall of 2016. As time goes on our restoration efforts will be on her interior and then giving her a new coat of paint once she is finished.