Kamikaze Kabaret 5


Have you ever wanted to see singers sweat? Now's your chance to be the cause of their stress and sweat.

Kamikaze Kabaret has become a Spotlight Cabaret tradition at Fegley's Allentown Brew Works.

8 singers sign up not knowing their musical fates. They receive a list of songs to become familiar with but you decide what they actually sing.

That's right! Wendy Borst, Brian Houp, Marissa Brewer, Mikey Brandon, Roman Lauren, Jardine Benjamin, Ruth Victoria, Joy Spruiell, and Keith Moser are putting their cabaret fates in your hands.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m.,so you can grab a ballot and vote for which songs you want which performer to sing. Judges tally up the votes and singing starts at 8 p.m. with your results.