Jazz Upstairs Chaise Lounge


Chaise Lounge features 6 of the Washington area’s best jazz musicians. The smooth, laidback, and sultry sound of the lead singer, Marilyn Older’s voice sets the tone for the group. Also featuring Charlie Barnett, Tommy Barrick, Gary Gregg, Joe Jackson, and Pete Ostle, Chaise Lounge provides new twists on old classics, and new, original music that is sure to keep audiences engaged and wanting more.

Sure Chaise Lounge sounds like a jazz band. And for sure there are 6 excellent jazz musicians in the band. Each one is a virtuoso on their instrument. Pete Ostle swings like nobody’s business on bass, Tommy Barrick is one of the most tasteful players around, Gary Gregg is an old school bar-walking Vegas style sax man and Joe Jackson is a weird rain man genius on bone. The center piece of the band is Marilyn Older whose vocals are a lilting butterscotch dream.

It is the songs that set this band apart. They often tell stories. And Marilyn is a gifted story teller as a singer. That is what people walk away with sometimes… the stories. And, unlike too much jazz, it is fun. The band has fun and the audience has fun. They’ll be bringing some brand new songs to the gig- as well as some of old “standards."