Jack-O-Lantern Lane


Jack-O-Lantern Lane returns for its fourth year with a new focus on exploring light, optical illusions, and fun sensory challenges. All new exhibit experiences, as well as returning favorites, will thrill and engage you in the science of sensory perception and illusion-making.

  • Circuit Jack-O-Lanterns: learn the basics of electrical circuits by making your own mini light-up jack-o-lantern with LED circuits.
  • Sound Tubes: discover how quickly sound travels to your friend on the other side of the room.
  • Live Spooky Science Show: explore the shocking science behind some of our favorite jack-o-lanterns and Halloween experiences.
  • Prism Goggles: can you throw the ball in the hoop when your perception is altered?
  • Optical Illusions: the exhibit features many graphics that will test your perception.
  • Color-Changing Circuit House: experiment with electricity and color.
  • ChromaDepth® 3D Lenses: these glasses transform regular two-dimensional color images into a 3D adventure.
  • Light Wall: explore color, light, and patterns while moving transparent colorful pegs along the wall.
  • Colored Shadows: discover the surprising effects of additive color mixing by creating shadows with our special lights.
  • Magic Faces: is it a mirror or a window? Sit across from a friend and experiment with the light dimmer to slowly transform your face into your friend’s.
  • Pepper’s Ghost House: this optical illusion, often used in live theater, will allow you to make a “ghost” appear.
  • Carved Pumpkins: more than 50 jack-o-lanterns decorated with science, technology, and cultural themes.
  • Mirror Drawing: how well can you trace simple pictures when your vision is reversed?
  • Thaumatropes: explore animation and illusion by creating a thaumatrope, an optical toy that appears to blend two images into one.
  • Family Photos: capture some fall memories in the photo area.