Invasion of Normandy


Join Skirmish and over 4,000 paintball players as we gather to recreate the Infamous World World II D-Day. Play two days of scenario game paintball, camp on site, and shop at the largest vendor show in the world of paintball. Plus, all registered players can battle from Castle to Castle in the FREE Castle Night game on Friday, July 8. 

Will you storm the beaches with the Allied Troops to keep the Axis from advancing or will you help the Axis forces to keep the Allies from advancing?

Group Leader benefits apply with advance reservations only and based on paying people present game day.

Reservations required.

Invasion of Normandy Schedule

  • July 8 - Free Castle Nights Game
  • July 9 & 10 - ION Scenario Game

Invasion of Normandy Rates:

  • Now - May 4
    • $69.99 per person
  • May 5 - June 15
    • $79.99 per person
  • June 16 - Game Day
    • $89.99 per person