Intro to Improv


Enjoy an evening of fun while developing skills that will carry into your personal and professional life. Inspired by the plays put on at the Moravian Ladies’ Seminary, Intro to Improv introduces attendees to beginner improvisational theater techniques.

Sarah will teach you first-hand how improv techniques can improve creative and strategic thinking, flexibility in difficult situations, and empathy.

Sarah White is a comedian from Allentown, PA who performs stand up, sketch, and improv comedy. She has been studying improv since 2008 starting at Lock Haven University with Dangerously Improv and now teaches Improv at ArtsQuest. She is currently performing with her duoprov team Nachos and Confidence and you can catch her at ArtsQuest as part of The Two Show Show every second Friday at 10:30 with both Cat Sweaters and The Flumpelnarfs.