Grim's Orchard & Family Farms - Opening Weekend


Grim’s Orchard & Family Farms | Opening Weekend - March 27-28, 2021

Grim’s Orchard & Family Farms is excited to announce their opening weekend is March 27 and 28 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. This is the first time they are opening in the Spring and will be offering free samples of their food and treats during opening weekend.

There will be two packages for sale: the Flower & Orchard Blossom Package and the S'mores Package. The S’more Package will be available starting March 27. The Flower & Orchard Blossom Package will be available mid-April. Each package is $7.95 per person. Kids two and under are free. For more information, visit Tickets can be purchased online or at the farm.

Things to Enjoy Grim's This Spring:

  • Free samples of Acai Bowls, Apple Cider Slushies, Mac N’ Cheese Cups and Potato Donuts during opening weekend
  • Fire pits with S’mores kits (with S’more Package) 
  • Outdoor activities for kids: Play Corral, Duck Races, Caterpillar Slide, Sports Center, Sand Pile and Bunker Hill (included with package)
  • Check out the farm animals, including four baby goats, all from the same mother (included with package)
  • The Orchard will be open to view the Cherry and Apple Blossoms later in the season (with Flower & Orchard Blossom Package)
  • Access to the Flower fields when flowers bloom later in the season (with Flower & Orchard Blossom Package)