FREE Art Reception: Dorian Vallejo's "The Unconscious Call to Adventure and the Poetry of Life"


The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts (Charter Arts) Visual Arts Department is proud to present the work of professional artist, Dorian Vallejo, in an exhibition titled "The Unconscious Call to Adventure and the Poetry of Life". This impressive exhibition features close to 30 works showcasing a selection of large and small paintings, plus several drawings.

According to Vallejo, "The overall theme uniting this work is a positive, optimistic view of humanity and our quest for meaning". He also shares: "The main focus of my work centers around mythological ideas that motivate us to maximize our potential. Also, present is my interest in observing the beauty and poetry life offers on a regular basis. My painting and drawings portray the human figure and a form of romantic, symbolic, introspective realism to explore these themes"

The school's Corpora Art Gallery is host to a full schedule of both professional and student exhibitions each school year. In addition to attracting the community for public events, the professional artists and exhibits also act as a great learning tool for students.

While visiting the exhibit you are also invited to listen to some great music during the school's Vocalist Cafe event that will take place in the Commons Cafe, which is adjacent to the Corpora Art Gallery. Enter for both events through the gallery door on 3rd Street. Free parking in the school parking lot at 3rd & Taylor Streets (Charter Arts).