Five @ Five Lecture Series: Explore Cars


Penn State Lehigh Valley has announced a new topic for its spring "Five @ Five" lecture series, which features five one-and-a-half hour lectures on a given topic in order to provide an in-depth series.

David K. Whitlock, automotive industry consultant and volunteer with the America on Wheels Museum in Allentown, presents our spring lecture series, "The Lehigh Valley's Love for the Automobile." The five part series will explore the past, present, and future of the automobile and car culture in and around the Lehigh Valley.

The five-part series will explore:

March 22: The Valley's history with motorsport icons and auto industry heavyweights

April 5: Mack Truck's history in the Lehigh Valley

April 12: Our modern day obsession with car culture 

April 19: Preserving automotive history for future generations

April 26: The future of driving, or not driving: Autonomous vehicles and mobility in the Lehigh Valley

Registration is required for all of these lifetime learning opportunities.

For more information, visit visit or contact Andrea Tessier at 610-285-5026 or