Film: The Biggest Little Farm


Join Rodale Institute for a community screening of the documentary film The Biggest Little Farm in Rodale Institute’s theater.

The Biggest Little Farm chronicles one California couple’s journey into the world of organic farming, never shying away from showing their challenges but equally quick to celebrate their successes in turning a once-barren landscape into a thriving, regenerative utopia. A Washington Post review calls this 2018 film a must-see “not just for the primer it offers in how foodways, farming practices and larger environmental forces are crucially connected but for its dazzling imagery of nature in action…”

Cost: There is no fee for attending this event, but Rodale Institute welcomes donations. No matter how large or small, your donation goes a long way toward supporting Rodale Institute’s efforts to champion organics and create a healthier planet for all.

Attendance limit: 48 people