Crumbs from the Table of Joy


Join Act 1 DeSales University Theatre for their performance of Crumbs From the Table of Joy!

By Lynn Nottage
Directed by Paris Crayton III

It is 1950 and the Crump family has just arrived to live in Brooklyn from Pensacola, Florida. The father, Godfrey, is still nearly paralyzed with grief after his wife’s death and puts his faith in radio evangelist Father Divine. His daughters—sassy Ermina and studious Ernestine, escape their gloomy basement flat by going to the movies. Their mother’s sister Lily arrives, and the girls are taken with her daring, unconventional ways. After disappearing for a few days, their father returns with a new wife—a German immigrant who hopes to win the family’s love. But idealism can only take you so far in America and Pulitzer prize winning writer, Lynn Nottage, weaves a tapestry of resilience, dreams, and eventual heartbreak. Recommended for Ages 13+