Community Book Discussion: My Butch Career


The Library at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center welcomes the community to participate in their February 2020 Community Book Discussion, featuring My Butch Career, a memoir by Esther Newton. Gay & Lesbian Review calls it “My Butch Career joins a distinguished list of lesbian herstories. . .. It is for readers interested in the psychological and cultural challenges for an individual who identifies as a butch lesbian, as well as readers who are interested in lesbian herstory within the greater context of the gay rights movement.” My Butch Career tells the compelling, disarming, and at times sexy story of her struggle to write, teach, and find love, all while coming to terms with her identity during a particularly intense time of homophobic persecution in the twentieth century.

Community Book Discussions at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center are sponsored by Let's Play Books and by Lehigh University's Humanities Center and Southside Initiative.

This is a sober-social event. No alcohol will be served.