Ceomir Vasic Mutable Images, Shifting Vision



Using well-known history paintings, such as Jacques-Louis David’s Coronation of Napoleon and John Trumbull’s Declaration of Independence, as a point of departure, Čedomir Vasić takes his audience on an exciting journey punctuated by intense aesthetic experiences, optical illusions, and a multiplicity of ideas, questions, and emotions.


In Vasić’s work, contemporary technologies modify and empower the reception and perception of historical events. The artist uses photo-editing software to remove all figures from the depicted events. Devoid of human content, Vasić’s doctored images are stripped of their intended meaning and significance; only decorative and deceptively simple interiors or landscapes remain. Vasić combines the altered and the original images using a lenticular printing process; when viewed from different angles, the visuals appear to change, rendering images that are simultaneously present and absent.