Atlas Obscura: Learning from the Lenape Nation


Adam DePaul, Council Member of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania and Curator of the Lenape Cultural Center, will lecture on the historical background of the Lenape. He will then lead a tour of Fulfilling a Prophecy: The Past and Present of the Lenape in Pennsylvanina, a unique, long-running exhibit about the preservation of Lenape heritage in the region.

Join members of the Atlas Obscura group for this special program. Atlas Obscura participants embark on real-world adventures and events as they seek out secret histories, unusual access, and opportunities to explore the strange, wondrous, and hidden places all around us.

$25 per person. Advance reservations required.

Tour times:

Location: Lenape Nation of Pennsyvlania Cultural Center, 169 Northampton Street (corner of 2nd and Northampton Streets), Easton, PA 18042