ASO New Music Series: Arts & Visuals


This concert will be performed at the Allentown Art Museum and will be comprised of works that are inspired by visual art, either existing or created expressly for this event.

Ava Bloomfield
17 year old student - Charter Arts High School
The Walk (La Promenade)

Morgan Kelly Moss
College student Temple University- graduated from Northwestern Lehigh
"Storks"  Piano Trio

Larry Lipkis
Composition Faculty - Moravian College
Ukioy-e "Pictures from a Floating World"

Scott Watson
Composition Teacher - Parkland High School
John The Baptist

Kirk O’Riordan
Composition Faculty - Lafayette College
Water Lilies

Chris Rogerson
ASO Composer in Residence
Nocturnal Prayer

Jennifer Higdon
Featured Composer
Piano Trio - "Fiery Red"