Artists of World War 3 Illustrated - LIVE


Live on Sunday December 30, the artists of World War 3 Illustrated perform comics that resonate and educate, with live music and visuals. NOW IS THE TIME OF MONSTERS, the newly released issue, is a searing indictment of all the monstrosities emerging from a greed-driven age.
This event is free.

Lou Allen - "Confessions of a Hacker's Daughter"
Jenny Gonzales Blitz - "100 Reasons Why"
Rebecca Migdal - "Flower in the Rubble"
Seth Tobocman - "The Monster in Albany"
Plus Surprise Guests!

Eric Blitz
Andy Laties
John Wagner

World War 3 Illustrated is a critically acclaimed, New York-based, collectively published anthology of social justice comics, and is America's longest-running political comic book.