An Evening of Banned Books


The Library at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center host An Evening of Banned Books on Tuesday, September 25th from 6-8pm. The evening will feature staged readings of 11 books throughout recent history which have been banned, challenged, censored, or whose authors of publishers have been prosecuted, because the content of the books was deemed to be "obscene".

The dictionary defines censorship as the official prohibition of the publication or performance of books or plays that might be offensive to the government or subversive of good morals. For decades the courts, schools, and churches have attempted to ban or challenge LGBT positive literature for being dangerous and corrupt. From the poetry of Walt Whitman to a children's book about gay penguins we will be looking at some of this so-called "obscene" literature, which will be read out loud as a staged reading by teachers, judges, lawyers, ministers, and by some Queer folk ourselves!

Join us for an evening of readings from writings that upset the status quo!