A History of Easton: From John Locke to Raymond Baurkot


In a way that may be unique among American cities, the character and configuration of Easton, PA has evolved through the unfolding of great historical movements. The Enlightenment, relations between colonists and Native Americans, the Industrial Revolution, immigration patterns of the late 19th century, the rise of the middle class and of suburbs, and the Urban Renewal programs of the 1960s and 1970s have all left their marks on Easton. This look into Easton’s past shows how, for better or worse, the city itself is a product of events that have shaped Western civilization since the Renaissance.

About Paul Felder, AIA, APA

Paul Felder’s career as an architect, planner, teacher and community activist has spanned six decades. In 1974, he founded The Architectural Studio, an Easton-based practice that by the 1990s had grown into the Lehigh Valley’s largest architectural and planning firm. Felder lives in Easton, about which he frequently writes at and where he has recently helped found a non-profit community-based organization, Preserve College Hill. He initiated the architectural design course at Lafayette College, where he currently teaches Architectural Theory and Practice. A retrospective survey of Felder’s award-winning architectural and planning work can be seen at