A Chat About Chickadees and Climate Change


Join Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center on September 17 for a "Chat About Chickadees and Climate Change."

You may have spotted small and cute black, gray, and white chickadees at your birdfeeder or while hiking in the woods. What you may not have realized is that the chickadees you've spotted here in the Lehigh Valley could be hybrids--formed when individuals from two different species mate and produce offspring. If you've lived in the Lehigh Valley for several years or more, the chickadees you've spotted recently might be more likely to be hybrids than those that you saw ten years ago!

Dr. Amber Rice will talk about research done in her lab at Lehigh University that has shown how climate change is affecting the ranges of chickadees, and possibly leading to increased hybridization. She will also discuss how she's examining some of the consequences of this hybridization on chickadee behavior, and how it may translate into selective pressures acting on chickadees.

This is a virtual program. Participants will need to possess an internet capable device with the Skype application installed. Registration is Required.