5 Man Cargo & Tunnels Paintball Tourney


Skirmish paintball is hosting a tournament filled with fast paced action.  You’ll need quick thinking and strategy to dominate this 5-man tournament.  The tournament is conducted in a Round Robin format, so each team of 5 will play 7 to 9 games on our Cargo and Tunnels maps.

This tournament is capped at 16 teams, so call 1-800-Skirmish (1-800-754-7647) to reserve your spot today!


  • $99.00 entry per team
  • Open to any 5-man team, 16 team max
  • Unlimited N2 Air Fills
  • Full Case = 2000 paintballs = $75.00 per case
  • Free Parking
  • Professional paintball referees
  • I.D. Required for paintball equipment rentals
  • Prizes awarded to the top 4 finishing teams