2001: A Space Odyssey & Grieg


Join us for a Bubbly toast and welcome by Maestro Diane Wittry as we celebrate the Opening of the 2018-19 Season with the ASO! Meet our New Executive Director, Al Jacobsen, Lavish hors d´ oeuvres by Karen Hunter and be entertained with Live jazz by the Peter Paulsen Trio all happening on Saturday, September 22nd at 5:30 pm. Wine, Beer, & soft beverages included with ticket; Cash bar for Cocktails.

After the reception on Saturday night and again on Sunday afternoon, enjoy a famous tone poem based upon Nietzsche’s novel, and used in Stanley Kubrick’s film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and an exciting opera prelude, paint vivid pictures in our imagination on this opening weekend concert. ASO kicks off their opening weekend 2001: A Space Odyssey & Grieg.

Powerhouse pianist, George Li performing Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor. Li has been praised by the Washington Post as having “staggering technical prowess, a sense of command and depth of expression”. Together with the Allentown Symphony Orchestra, Li’s performance of Greig’s Piano Concerto in A minor is sure to leave audiences speechless. The program consists of works by Wagner, Grieg and Strauss.

Die Meistersinger: Prelude Wagner

Piano Concerto in A minor Grieg

Also, sprach Zarathustra R. Strauss

Li brings virtuosity, emotion and nuance to every piece of music he performs. He has travelled the world, performing with international symphony orchestras from London to Oslo. He has performed at Carnegie Hall, as well as the White House. Li is currently in the Harvard University/New England Conservatory joint program. His musical excellence is not something to be missed.