Moving right along the list of plays I want to see in Lehigh Valley this year, my mom and I went to Lehigh University for the student performance of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead on April 2.

I am very familiar with this play from my grad school days, so I had no problem following the storyline. My mom, on the other hand, told me she was glad I was there to recap what happened in each act. She enjoyed herself all the same because the actors were incredibly entertaining.

Quick side trip, before we get back to the great actors: I was particularly irritated by the fact that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were dressed like clowns (big shoes, bow ties, over-sized pants) while the rest of the cast was done up Shakespearean style. The director said the play was "intended to be a comedy and very funny," hence the reason for the clown get-ups. I think that reasoning shows a lack of faith in the words and actions dictated by Stoppard and, therefore, is an insult to the great playwright.

This was the first college performance I've seen where not all of the students were theater majors, but they still had talent nonetheless. The very impressive performance of The Player was given by Katie Kozlowski, a marketing major. And Tim Syciarz, who brilliantly played Rosencrantz, is a bioengineering major!

The show was held in the Diamond Theater of the Zoellner Arts Center. This theater has stadium seating, so you're looking down on the stage, which means not a bad seat in the house. Our seats were in the third row from the stage - so close, that I initially felt like my personal space was being invaded by the actors. But I got over that soon enough.

Have you attended any student performances at any of Lehigh Valley's colleges?