On a recent Saturday night, Michael and I found ourselves hungry, bored and without my son - the perfect combination for a date night. We settled on going to the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem not really to gamble, but for the free entertainment and to check out one of the new restaurants, Carnegie Deli. We made an excellent choice!

Despite being a Saturday night, it was only a short wait until we were seated. Our table was by the wall with pictures of famous people who had experienced one of the Carnegie Deli restaurants.

To start us off, they gave us some awesomely crunchy deli-style pickles. I ended up ordering the matzo ball soup and a chicken salad sandwich. The matzo ball was the size of a baseball and had pretty good flavor. I am pretty fussy about chicken salad, but it was awesome and manageable to eat.

Now Michael on the other hand had a turkey club and two sides, coleslaw and baked beans. We both started laughing when his plate came (see picture above). This sandwich was about 10 inches tall! I would say there was at least two pounds of turkey, about eight strips of bacon, a whole tomato and enough lettuce to make a rabbit go into a food coma!

Half the fun of dining at Carnegie Deli was watching everyone try to eat their meals. The folks at the table next to us actually dismantled most of their sandwiches to eat them. The best was hearing a woman say how her dogs were going to be in heaven when she took home the leftovers of her 15-inch sandwich comprised of at least five pounds of roast beef, turkey and corned beef.

Just so you know, Carnegie Deli's desserts are a mile high too! I have no idea who has room to eat them though.

Have you checked out Carnegie Deli yet?If not, make sure you're real hungry before you go!