I just returned from nearly two full weeks off from work and guess how I spent most of it. If you said, "In the car driving around Lehigh Valley with my recently turned 16-year-old son," you're right.

I usually spend a ton of time with Jared in the car each winter because he holds a season-pass to Blue Mountain Ski Area, which is a 30-minute commute each way for us. What's different though this year is that he did most of the driving while I observe, grab the door handle and indent my foot in the floor! (Actually, he's doing quite well with it, but it's still weird to have him in the driver's seat.)

Blue Mountain is like his second home. And this year, they've got some new features, which makes it even more exciting for him.

Here's a few of their new features:

1. There's a BigAirBAG to land into while practicing jumps. Being the "extreme" snowboarder that he is, Jared's not a fan of this addition because you can't do flips into it, but for novice riders, it helps them gage the air underneath them. (There is a fee to use it.)

2. There's a new trail called Nightmare, a double black diamond, which Jared did give a go but he's more of a terrain park guy.

3. Speaking of parks, there's a new urban-style terrain park called Central Park, which is set up like a city scene including handrails and stair sets. Jared loves it, if only because it's different.

4. Another new addition at Blue Mountain that Jared loves is the new Moon Doggie service that takes pictures and videos of him while he rides (for an additional fee).

5. Finally, Blue Mountain got a new Park Bully groomer to move the features in the terrain parks around, which will keep things fresh for regular riders like Jared.

So, I know what I'll be doing for the next two months or so. Will you be heading to Blue Mountain Ski Area for a wintertime adventure?