On my friend Julie's recommendation, I joined the WineScool Meetup Group - a wine "school" that teaches/reminds us how to taste wine (we don't need any help learning how to drink it) - which meets monthly at Starters Riverport.

Last month was the first time I attended any kind of Meetup group event. (I registered online and could see who else was going in advance.)

The instructor, a rep from a company that imports and distributes the wine we tasted, talked over the loud sports bar noise about the wines, where they were made, and how to pair them with food. Here's the recap:

  • We started with a SeaGlass Sauvignon Blanc from Santa Barbara; flavors of grapefruit and freshly cut grass, we were told - hmm.
  • We all helped ourselves to the generous buffet and moved on to an Italian Pinot Grigio from Bollini.
  • Round Hill's Oak Free Chardonnay was next; definitely more my speed compared to the buttery, toasty chardonnays from Napa and Sonoma Valleys.
  • We enjoyed a glass of Malbec from Elsa, made in Argentina (which we learned is made from mostly cabernet sauvignon grapes),
  • We finished back in California with a bold Cabernet called The Show from Three Thieves. This one was definitely my favorite.

After dinner and five half-glasses of wine, we were feeling pretty good, so we all had dessert (included in the cost of the event). Not bad for $25!

Most of the crowd appeared to be in their 30's and 40's, and maybe a couple were older, and a few younger. It was hard to tell who came with who, since conversation seemed to be flowing at all the tables as if everyone were old friends.

FYI: The next WineScool is this Wednesday, September 23 at 7 p.m. at Starters - you can register here and check out the other Meetup groups while you're on the site.

This post was written by Lehigh Valley InSite guest blogger Megan Santucci, who also writes the Lehigh Valley Transplant blog.