The past two weekends were great for people who like visiting and having a great time at Lehigh Valley wineries. The weekend before last, the Large Flowerheads Trio played in the Vyneskeller at Vynecrest. The place was packed with people singing and playing tambourines along with the band as they went through the hits of the sixties and seventies. Of course, wine and snacks were available for purchase. Three of the four of us split a bottle of Vynecrest’s Pinot Grigio – a great pick! Three hours of the Flowerheads along with wine makes for a perfectly good Saturday afternoon. The folks at Vynecrest are having entertainment on a regular basis.

The following Saturday I was off to Clover Hill for their wine and Martins event. Dick Boak and Craig Thatcher from Martin Guitars were there and wine was available for all. Dick told the Martin Guitar company history and as each era passed, Craig played music from that era with a guitar from that time. The guitar from the 1850’s sounded great as did the Eric Clapton model from a couple of years ago. Once again I had the Pinot Grigio and sat back to hear the story of a great company, accompanied by great guitars. Craig performs pretty regularly at Clover Hill.

The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail consists of eight wineries. All are open for tastings. Many do weekend entertainment. How many have you visited?