Recently, my wife Sybil and I, along with Megan & Mike Billowitch, attended a Wine Appreciation Class at Clover Hill Winery.

Kari Skrip did an excellent job of explaining the wine-tasting process. She actually brought it down to the level where even a newly minted fan of wine was not intimidated.

We tasted our way through nine wines. Some we liked, some we did not, but Kari made it seem like there were no wrong answers. I give her a lot of credit for bringing her enthusiasm and passion to the event, but not making any of us feel inadequate as wine-tasters. There were about 50 of us in their beautiful special event room.

The only negative to the event was some dweeb who answered his cell phone during her presentation and proceeded to have his conversation at the table while this was going on. He didn't even make an effort to get up and leave the room to complete his conversation. There is no accounting for some extreme rudeness.

What a great event! Thanks Kari.