OK. I admit it. I like a glass of wine every now and then. OK ... more like a couple times a week. I'm not a big spender when it comes to wine but I know what I like. Usually I check out the "specials" section of the local liquor store and am drawn to anything under $10 with a pretty label. I'm such a girl.

Anyway, when I want to treat myself, I head out to Vynecrest in Breinigsville, just outside of Allentown. They make a sweet and tart cherry wine that is awesome. It's not the kind of thing you drink with a meal. It's a dessert wine called Cherry DiVyne.

Last time I was there, the folks at Vynecrest were selling small bags of dark chocolate Wilbur Buds to go along with it. For anyone not familiar, Wilbur Buds are little solid chocolate pillows similar to Hershey Kisses made in Lititz, Pa. Eat them while drinking the wine and it rocks!

Cherry DiVyne is definitely a chick wine. Why do I say that? Because it's the perfect wine to bring to any girls night out get-together. Most women are into sweet wines so it will be very popular.

Personally, I buy a bottle and some Buds for myself and sip on it in small juice-glass-sized amounts in the evenings as my dessert and nightcap in one. Treat yourself to a bottle. You won't be sorry.

So I'm curious: Do you drink Lehigh Valley wines, and if so, which winery is your favorite and why?