On Saturday I was gallivanting about like usual when a wicked thunderstorm rolled through the valley. Some people went so far as to call this monstrosity “violent.” I would have to agree, and even though it didn’t last long it left a path of destruction that I haven’t seen since … well, since the last big storm.

The storm was so brutal that it took down two trees on the same block. Had I been outside during this time, obviously trying to seek immediate shelter, I probably would have been one of the 700,000 people to be struck by lightning in a year. True fact, I checked National Geographic. I digress; I finally arrive at my place to grab some mouthwatering snickers dip for a party when I realized that I have in fact lost power.

So what does one do when the power goes out? You could be like my roommate and I, and just sit in the dark on the couch, one candle lit, two half-charged cell phones and a drink in hand trying to keep cool. You could pack up all your perishable foods items on a Sunday morning then show up on your coworker’s doorstep asking to use their spare fridge/freezer. Ok, I called her first to ask before showing up.

I went a mere 24 hours without power, not bad at all. As a result of this, I have taken the liberty of preparing a list of “out of power ideas” for you. The top three I found myself doing in that 24 hour time frame.

1. Sleep through it. Or attempt to sleep in a stifling apartment because you and your roommate thought the air would circulate without fans. Turns out it won’t.

2. Go to the movies. I saw Magic Mike on Sunday morning for only $5 at AMC Theatres.

3. Bombard a relative by showing up with a handful of electronics asking to use their electricity and go for a swim in their pool.

4. Go for a walk or go to the gym to work out and/or take a shower!

5. Visit your favorite local establishment whether it be shopping, a restaurant or getting some fro yo. Might as well grab a bite to eat, you can’t cook anyway and fro yo is the new craze.

What do you do when you’re left in the dark?

*I would like to state that we chose to stay in the stifling apartment overnight; we were not left there to die. Secondly, PPL did a great job of working around the clock to have our power restored in a timely manner. They have an extensive outage center providing important information, outage status both online and through automated calls, as well as offering a list of locations that will provide free ice and water for those without power.