I drove by Yocco's the other day and thought to myself "I bet people who aren't familiar with Lehigh Valley are missing out on those delicious hot dogs and secret chili sauce because they just plain don't know about it!" That got me thinking of other things that people really should know about the area.

1.  Just because an establishment may not look perfectly polished on the outside, DON'T not go in. Most of the time this is where you find the real gems of the Valley ... like Yocco's!

2.  DON'T just visit one winery on the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail. They all offer different versions of some really tasty wines. (Tip: I enjoy Vynecrest and Clover Hill and they are right down the street from each other!)

3.  If you're planning to stay a while, DON'T buy your groceries at the supermarket - you can find those anywhere. Instead, buy them at the Allentown Farmers Market (they have a superb candy stand too). Buy local! It tastes better anyway!

4.  DON'T not go to Dorney Park just because the Laser is gone. (I had a love-hate relationship with that coaster when I was younger; I loved it but it would give me a sore neck for days.)

5.  DON'T go to Lehigh Valley Grand Prix thinking you are going to ride wimpy go-karts. These karts require you to have driving instructions, a helmet and the need for speed (well, up to 45 mph - see previous post for details)!