For the past three years I have participated in Lehigh University's Annual Community/Club EXPO which, presumably, is held on the hottest day in August outdoors. Actually, they schedule it to coincide with the return of students to campus. But this year's event, on Monday the 24th, was a hot one - the temperature on my car's dash read 91 degrees!

Basically, this event is a great opportunity for Lehigh's various clubs, organizations, and local merchants to greet incoming freshmen and welcome back returning students. College kids love freebies, so lots of t-shirts, pens and assorted "chotskies" were available at over 240 participants' tables. The food vendor's booths were quite popular too.

Lehigh Valley, a.k.a. "Pennsylvania's college valley" swells by more than 20,000 students every fall. Lehigh University alone is home-away-from-home for 1,200 young adults representing 20 countries and 41 states. From behind my table at the EXPO, I watch as these friends reconnect after a summer apart and the excitement generated is contagious.

College campuses are hotbeds of education, so here's what I've learned from my experience doing this event:

1) Wear comfortable shoes on Lehigh's campus...everything is uphill!

2) Light colored, sleeveless, preferably cotton clothing is a's always hot at this event.

3) Bring more Lehigh Valley Dining & Discount Guides next year. Apparently, college kids like to scope out the best place to go out to eat, and they like coupons too.

4) Incoming freshmen seem younger every year...or maybe I'm just getting older!

For those who didn't get a Dining & Discount Guide (since I ran out) just click here to request your free copy. Welcome back to Lehigh Valley, study hard and have fun!