Last weekend I had 3 tasks to accomplish, but there was a late addition (a trip up to Famous Smoke Shop) to the list Friday after work. The late addition made me 3 for 4, not to shabby. Disc golf had to be postponed - it was way too cold.

Famous Smoke Shop was a nice addition. Every Friday from 4 to 7, ESPN 1230 and 1320 broadcast their “Happy Hour” show from Famous. I went up there with my buddies Chad and Zig - we each smoked a Rocky Patel and sipped on some complimentary Butthead Lager. Both the beer and cigar were tasty.

It was a neat scene - you have the sports radio show, beer and cigars, and a group of older gentlemen in suits and sweater vests lounging in leather chairs and couches. We had a good time and are definitely going again soon.

As expected, I reeked of cigar smoke, so I took a shower and Casey and I met up with a few other couples at PigPen’s. They really did a nice job of converting a bowling alley into a night club. They actually built a stage on top of the old lanes.

One thing became very apparent to me while I was there ... although I like tribute bands, I do not like cover bands. If I ever have to hear "Living on a Prayer" or "Jenny 867-5309" again, I might lose it. Besides that, I think PigPen’s successfully fills a void in the Lehigh Valley night life department.

As far as watching football on Sunday, we all know what happened, and there is no need to discuss.

This weekend is the IceBowl Disc Golf Tourney. Hopefully I do well, and stay warm.