The smack of the pins crashing. The 'friendly' competition. The flow of the beer. That's right, the LVCVB went bowling!

A couple weeks ago, Jenny put the word out in an office email about the "Bowling for Civic" (Civic Theatre of Allentown, that is) fundraiser trying to put a team together. I immediately said to count me and Rosie in.

Rosie and I had been bowling together once before, pre-birth actually, during one of our office's previous bowling get-togethers (hence the photo). But I figured she might appreciate the experience more this time, even though she couldn't actually bowl.

So on Saturday, yours truly, Debbie and hubby Ron, Jenny and boyfriend Ryan, and Toni all met up at Playdrome Rose Bowl lent a hand to raise money for a worthy cause. Rosie was there as a cheerleader, complete with curlicue-ribbon barrettes in her hair (we had just come from a birthday party).

It was a great event that included a pizza, all the soda we could drink (big mistake), prizes for the highest single score (congrats Ron) and highest scoring team (not us, but there's always next time) - all for just $12 a person. Jenny and I also walked away with some raffle prizes: a spa bag for Jenny and a cupcake-making kit for me, which I'm determined to use the next time I can get to the grocery store.

In addition to our team of six, there were over 80 other people who made it out to support the Civic Theatre. The two folks from Civic who ran the event said everyone loved the idea of a bowling fundraiser and they hope to do it again, at least once a year. All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon for a great cause.

So if anyone else is having a bowling fundraiser, let us know ... our team is unstoppable (well, when it comes to eating pizza)!