The first week of football watching was fantastic.

Sunday was a beautiful day. I did not waste the entire day inside watching football. Casey and I went on a bike ride on the Lehigh Canal Tow Path in the morning; we started at Canal Park in Allentown and biked down to Sand Island in Bethlehem and back.

After the Tour de Canal, my buddy Chad and I headed over to PigPen’s for the 1 o’clock games. We didn’t even get in the place before we were greeted by some manager-type person - we were still crossing the street.

Once we got in there we had our pick of tables. There were plenty of good seats available and plenty of TVs. We sat right in the middle and could see all 10 games. There were giant projector screens on the walls and a screen that hung over the stage where bands play on the weekends. They must of stole that thing from the Carmike it was so huge.

We didn’t take advantage of the Coors Light beer special. In my mind, there is no advantage drinking Coors Light. So we instead went with Sam Adams Octoberfest, which is now locally brewed in Lehigh Valley. We did take advantage of the food specials though. We started off with the chili, which was delicious.

After the 1 o’clock games, we headed over to Pitchers to meet our friend Chris. (Chris couldn’t join us for the early games because he can’t act like a normal human being during Eagles games.) At first we were excited, plenty of TVs, good specials, and they had horse shoes and quoits. But they were missing a very important part of the football watching equation: they didn’t have the football package yet. One game on 20 TVs just doesn’t cut it for us, so we headed back over to PigPen’s and finished up watching the first week of football there.

I think we are going to give Pitchers another chance this week. Hopefully they get there package issue straightened out. I can’t imagine a better scenario than watching football while playing horseshoes.