Wednesday night I had a wonderful night out on the town with my husband Mike.

Thanks to my handy copy of the Lehigh Valley Dining Guide, we got 15% off our delicious dinner at Jack Creek Steakhouse & Cantina. I had the Tex Combo and Mike had the pulled pork tacos. We then “shared” a hot fudge sundae, which means Mike got one bite before I devoured the rest.

Then it was off the theater.

We were lucky to get opening night tickets to Act 1's production of Sunday in the Park with George. Neither Mike and I were familiar with this production and we were happy to discover it was a musical. It is the story of the artist Georges Seurat and his most famous painting Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.

Sophomore theatre major Jacob R. Dresch portrayed Georges with mature conviction and he sang the very difficult Sondheim pieces with ease. I was especially impressed his performance of “Putting it together”, which is a fast, slow, high, low song about how to become an established artist.

Macungie native and freshman Katie Wexler portrayed Suerat’s mistress, Dot (a cute name, especially since Suerat invented the ‘dot’ brushstroke). Miss Wexler’s range was very impressive. She was so convincing as Suerat’s tortured lover that I found myself tearing up a few times listing to the anguish in her voice.

The ensemble and orchestra were very enjoyable.

The set designers did a wonderful job. The way they brought the painting to life was quite impressive; it made you feel like you were transformed into the painting and really enjoying a Sunday in the park with Georges and friends.

The musical runs through May 3, so which show will you attend? Or are you waiting for the PA Shakespeare Festival to start on May 29?