My dad, mom, sister, Casey and I had originally decided to head over to the Sands Casino last night because our wedding band, Brian Kirk and the Jirks, were playing at the Molten lounge.

Since we were going to the casino anyway, my mom came up with a sound financial decision of cashing in her change jar and splitting it up between all of us. All profits made would go towards Casey and my upcoming the wedding. Sounded good to me.

Me, my dad and Casey headed over around 9 pm. They definitely accomplished their goal in making the place feel "industrial." It also reminded me of an airport terminal with all the service desks and restaurants around the perimeter. Overall I thought it was a nice layout.

After a bit of gambling we head over to Molten with its neat set up, similar to a nightclub lounge, on the casino floor. We were disappointed. The Jirks weren't there! So instead of hanging out at Molten, we went pack to gambling.

We played video poker, slots, and video roulette with little success. By the time my mom and sister got there, we were just about out of money. So far our "savings plan" was a complete failure.

But the late comers had luck on their side. As soon as they sat down, they started winning. We left them there to hopefully make up for what we lost and headed home.

We weren’t even on Route 22 when my sister texted Casey saying that she had tripled her money and my mom was up a good amount. They made a good choice and decided to quit while they were ahead.

At the end of the night, we doubled the amount in the change jar - now we can afford four chair covers for the wedding!

Have you had any success at the Sands yet?