Valentine's Weekend in Lehigh Valley's Easton was a success from what I could see. They had multiple events taking place on Saturday, 2/12; 2nd Annual Snowflakes for Easton Snow Day, two events at State Theatre, and a Rail Jam.

I happened to be there for the Drinky's First Annual Red Bull Rail Jam because my son was one of the snowboard competitors, and I was amazed at the crowds that were in Centre Square! It was bitter cold with winds ripping through the town and there were even a few real snowflakes coming down, which made the event seem more authentic. I mean, who would think Center Square in Easton would be home to a "ski slope" with rails? Well, Jack Frost/Big Boulder helped by setting the stage and the city helped by trucking in the snow. Overall I would say the spectators weren't disappointed, unless they got there late and couldn't get close enough to see the competition or they couldn't find a parking spot in the city.

The drop-in for the course was 16-feet and they had three different rails set up. The contest was only open to experienced riders due to the limited amount of space they had to work with. There were some minor course issues that had to be fixed mid-way through so they opted for an intermission to fix the damage. That was fine with me because my toes were freezing!

My mom and I decided to try to find a bite to eat. We totally forgot it was a holiday weekend and every place was jam packed or reservations were needed. We were lucky enough to grab a table at Pearly Baker's Ale House on the stage near the front of the restaurant. I've been to Pearly's before and have had better experiences, but I think that was just due to the crazy busy scene they were dealing with. I don't think anyone in Easton thought there would be soooo many people taking over their restaurants and bars. I will definitely head back for another meal, just at a quieter time, so I can actually hear the person I am dining with.

Where did you head for Valentine's weekend? Did you find yourself in Easton? I know I'll be heading back next year for the event.