This past weekend, superheroes, stormtroopers, kids, adults and even a wookie invaded Lehigh Valley. Yes, it was the Great Allentown Comic Con. Two days full of fun for the child in your family as well as your inner child.

Saturday, I sat in on a few panels, the first of which was "Comic Greats and Legends." Tom Smith, Niel Vokes and Bob Hall spoke of their work in the industry as well as the changes happening within it. My second panel of the day was the 501st Legion, a garrison of Stormtroopers who told us stories about, well, being stormtroopers. They also provided insight into how they make their armor and weaponry. So day one was wonderful, full of great stories and comics and trade paperbacks purchased. All done, right?


Day two was the main event! Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca himself, and Tom Kane, the voice of Yoda and others in Clone Wars, would be speaking. This I had to see. Peter told us stories, gave us insight into the other actors and talked about doing all of his own stunts (except for one in Return of the Jedi, atop a AT-ST Walker). When asked if he had any props, he told us that "Uncle Georgy" has them all. Tom Kane was a hoot, throwing in his Yoda voice and his perspective on voice acting, mentioning two of my favorites: Billy West and Maurice LaMarche.

When he was on his way out of the panel, I took a picture of Mr. Mayhew with his Lightsaber walking stick, a gift given to him by a fan.

How do you come down off a high from listening to stories and seeing Chewie in the flesh? You buy some art, including a delightful piece by Tommy Castillo, who I met and who signed his work for me as well. I still wasn't satiated ... I went through a few more boxes of comics, it was the last day of the con and as such there were a few sales. Vendors tend to discount at the end of cons because the more they sell, the less they have to move.

I had my loot, my Bag of Holding seemed to be full and most importantly, there was still some money left in my pocket. Self control at a once a year comic convention is not the easiest thing to accomplish!

I'll be there next year. Will you?