Next week brings with it the 161st annual Great Allentown Fair, a festival that celebrates the achievements of Lehigh Valley’s agricultural community. Fair-goers of all ages will have the opportunity to learn about everything from livestock to gardening all while chowing down on fried Oreos, listening to Toby Keith, and demoliton derby cars crash into each other.

Here are the top 5 things that I’m looking forward to most at the Great Allentown Fair this year:

Shows: On August 27, free admission night, as well as the first night of the fair one of my personal favorite artists, John Mayer, will be performing with Phillip Phillips. I can’t wait to be singing along to songs from the Born and Raised album and hopefully some songs from Paradise Valley.  Other shows of note include country favorite Toby Keith and comedian Jeff Dunham.

Rides: $15 dollars gets you an all-day ride pass at the fair, which ensures my ability to go on The Zipper until I can’t see straight.

Food: There aren't enough fairs and festivals over the summer to fulfill my need to devour funnel cake and fried Oreos.

Animals: 4-H farmers bring their livestock to the Great Allentown Fair, which means I get to pet cows! This year there is also an exhibit on the Wolves of the World as well as a tribute show to The Animals that Build America, which features horse trick-riding, yeehaw!

Charity: On Wednesday August 28, fair goers will have the opportunity to win front row seats to two of the headlining attractions by donating non-perishable food items and personal necessities such as diapers and toilet paper to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank of Lehigh Valley and Northeast Pennsylvania.