October 8 happens to celebrate one of my favorite foods. Now it might not be the healthiest of choices, but sometimes you just need some starchy goodness in your life.

Happy National Pierogi Day!

Here in Lehigh Valley, there are tons of spots that offer pierogies on their menu. Whether you like them fried, sauteed, with sour cream, or any other special way- you're sure to find at least one variety to suit your tastes.

There's no wrong way to enjoy a pierogi, so let's highlight a few of my local favorites.

5. Dunderbak's. Located in the Lehigh Valley Mall, Dunderbak's offers all sorts of German favorites. Their pierogies are fried and stuffed with potato, served up with a side of sour cream and gravy so that you can dress them up however you like. These make a great side to any of the delicious sandwiches on the menu, or a nice snack on their own!

4. The Wooden Match. While you're indulging in some delicious craft beers, you're going to want some food to compliment them. Order some Boss Hoss Pierogies. Choose between sauteed or deep fried, either fashion is served up with onion, sour cream, and gravy. I prefer the sauteed style, but you can't go wrong with either choice.

3. Fegley's Brew Works. Available at both the Allentown and Bethlehem locations, the Brew Works offers pierogi lovers two treats. First, they have their traditional  Nana's Pierogies, listed under appetizers on the menu. These mini pierogies are available fried or sauteed, both of which have their own special seasoning to complete the starter. But if you're looking for something special, give the Pierogi Casserole a try (yes, it's a real thing). Layers of garlic mashed potatoes, cheddar jack cheese, lasagna noodles and sauteed onions are baked to perfection. Be sure to leave time in your schedule for a nap after conquering this dish!

2. The Trapp Door Gastropub. Although their menu is small, don't underestimate the farm-to-table specialties at the Trapp Door in Emmaus. Typically, they offer some sort of pierogi on their menu, although the variety does change out from time to time. Currently, you can enjoy a short rib stuffed pierogi, finished off with porter cheddar and mushroom duxelle. No matter what variety they're featuring, I can guarantee that it will be delicious. 

1. Black Forest Deli. Coming in at the top of the list, we have Black Forest Deli. Vica whips up a mean pierogi, served much differently than the rest on this list. Here, you can find pierogies filled with potato or sauerkraut, and even fruit fillings depending on the season (we've tried cherry and blueberry in the past). Order up a small order to go along with one of their sandwiches or delicious soups, or indulge in a full order- you won't be sorry either way!

Honorable Mention: Yocco's. Of course, we can't forget this Lehigh Valley staple. The best way to accompany one of their famous hot dogs is with a side of fried pierogies!

Get those appetites ready to go, and let us know what you think of our choices!

Happy National Pierogi Day!