The month of October marks the one year anniversary of Lehigh Valley InSite. In honor of this momentous occasion, I went back and picked out my Top 5 posts from the past year.

This will be a countdown, so first on the list will be Number 5.


5. Lehigh Valley Wedding- This was the first "real" post on Lehigh Valley InSite and actually my first ever blog post although I'm sure everyone who read that post thought I was a forefather of the blog.

4. Cloud Cult at Zoellner - An awesome band and a fun night. If we're going to compete with Philly, Lehigh Valley needs to get their Indie music act together.

3. Girls Night Out: Martinis and Manicures- This one gets the Number 3 spot because I didn’t have to write it. Instead, my fiancé Casey wrote about one of her experiences in Lehigh Valley, which has turned out to be a pretty big hit in the area.

2. This Freddy is One of a Kind- I just really like this post about the State Theatre's Freddy Awards.

1. Lehigh Valley’s Combo Meal to Beat All Combo Meals - This is by far my favorite - the Five Guys/Friendly's dinner on the run. It's like trying to get fast food in a Die Hard movie.

Do you have a favorite Lehigh Valley InSite blog post?