The forecast was not pleasant for Lehigh Valley last night, with thunderstorms and tornado warnings flashing on tv screens...but we still wanted to do something fun. So why not bowling? Why not.

So down to the Emmaus Bowling Center we went, not knowing what would happen. I mean, the last time we went bowling was in our living room, or at least someone's living room on the Wii.

I'll admit that I enjoy bowling, both real and Wii, but we just don't go that often. So what's the first thing you do after you get your shoes? If you're us, you hunt for that elusive lucky ball. You know the one; maybe it's your favorite color, maybe it's all based on weight, maybe you look to see if it has a name inscribed in it. I found myself a nice turquoise ball and then we all started bowling.

We bowled 4 games, and that first one was just, ahh well words cannot describe, more practice than anything. I mean the last time I bowled was with a Wii-mote in my hand and those things don't weigh 13 pounds (as was the weight of the ball I chose).

The scores started out low, but we got better towards the end (I am the master of knocking down 9 pins!). I guess that's something, but we had fun. That's the most important thing.

There was, however, one irony to the evening. When we walked out of that bowling alley it was apparent that a thunderstorm had raged outside, although it had since passed, but inside we didn't hear anything. Maybe that's because we caused the thunderstorm...Anybody see where I'm going here? I can't be the only who was told as a child that thunderstorms were just the god's bowling days!

When was the last time you bowled, either virtually or in real life?