If you can believe the weatherman, it will actually feel like summer for the next 10 days here in Lehigh Valley, so it's time for my Top 5 Favorite Summer Activities in Lehigh Valley.

1. Dutch Springs - Although it's primarily known as a scuba diving facility (one of the largest fresh-water facilities in the country!), Dutch Springs has a fantastic Aqua Park. There's so much to talk about regarding Dutch Springs, I'm going to write an entire blog post on it, so stay tuned.

2. Fairs - There are lots of options (Musikfest, Kutztown Folk Festival, Schnecksville Fair), but the fair to end all fairs has to be The Great Allentown Fair. It literally has everything you'd ever want in a fair (except for tractor pulls, but that's what the Kempton Fair is for). Like Dutch Springs, I have a lot to say about the Allentown Fair, so you can expect to see a full post on it in the near future.

3. Rita's Water Ice - The Rita's locations throughout Lehigh Valley are only open during the summer, which means at least one trip to Rita's for one of their freshly made water ices is a necessity. New to Rita's? Try a gelati (water ice and vanilla custard) if you want to get hooked!

4. Rafting - I enjoy rafting because it's a great way to work on your tan, experience nature and get some exercise (especially if the other people in your boat think they're on a gondola ride with you as their driver). The Lehigh River has many rafting outfitters to choose from (Jim Thorpe River Adventures, Whitewater Challengers, Whitewater Rafting Adventures), but I recommend Pocono Whitewater Adventures - I had a GREAT time with them last summer.

5. Mini golf - Like fairs, there are lots of options (Putt ULiber-Tee, Dorney Square), but my favorite is Bear Rock Junction. Why? Two fairly challenging courses with water hazards, Nathan's hot dogs, steam train rides (free on Fridays), and Leiby's ice cream.