Aside from Gone In 60 Seconds and The Fast and the Furious, the whole "need for speed" thing has never really appealed to me. So when a bunch of us from the office went to Lehigh Valley Grand Prix to race some go-karts, I was willing to try it (since I had never driven a go kart before), but I wasn't jumping up and down in excitement.

After we got suited up for safety, we entered the "arena" and got into our assigned carts. Once I got used to my knees being scrunched up in what I considered to be an unnatural position, I took off like a bullet! Vrrrrroooommmmmmm!

After I completed my first lap, I caught a glimpse of my lap time along with the times of everyone else on this huge scoreboard. So my goal became to have a faster lap time than at least one of the three guys in our group. As hard as I tried, I just couldn't beat any of the guys ... but I was the fastest of the four girls who were racing. ;)

So to all the men and ladies out there, have you tried out Lehigh Valley Grand Prix yet? If not, tomorrow might be just the day to give it a shot!