The first adventure of my jam packed weekend was to rock out to Barenaked Ladies at Sands Event Center. When my girlfriend purchased tickets to see her favorite band she didn’t realize that three other bands were playing too. Let me tell you, she was pumped to find out that Big Head Todd & The Monsters were playing, along with Blues Traveler. We hung out at Vision Bar and on their outside patio for a while making several new friends and taking business. Blues Traveler was good, but the real excitement came when we found our way upfront for Barenaked Ladies. We were so close that I saw nose hairs! I got a few seconds of their last song on video, which isn’t zoomed in by the way, that’s how close we were. We rocked out through their entire show, I’m sure people around us weren’t pleased, but hey it’s a concert and her favorite band. Did they expect us to stand completely still like the couple in front of us? I think not. After the show, upon seeing the size of the crowd leaving all at once, we decided to grab a pizza from The Gourmet Market Express allowing the traffic to let up. Delicious!

Go home, go to sleep, wake up Saturday. It’s golf tournament time. Our foursome; my dad, sister, Shannon and I all met at my apartment for a pre-tournament breakfast then made our way across Lehigh Valley. Every year on the third Saturday of August, some of the greatest people you will ever come in contact with meet for the Andrew Elchin Memorial Golf Tournament at Wedgewood Golf Course. Joe, the manager at Wedgewood, does a great job of hosting us every year whether we have 54 golfers or 104. Now, I take this tournament VERY SERIOUSLY by wearing the ugliest golf skirt that I can find. This year our entire foursome decided to get decked out in ugly. You can see in the pictures below that we are a handsome bunch. I didn’t win any prizes like closest to the pin, but I did have a great time and bought an awesome koozie® that was made as a fundraiser. The tournament is immediately followed by a pig roast catered by Grumpy’s and a band.

Last time, go home, go to sleep, wake up Sunday. Now it’s time for Pride in the Park which is held at Cedar Beach Park. Love U More Brand™ had a booth to launch three new t-shirt designs, dog collars and a few other items. My sister, our friend Mike, and I volunteered to work the booth, to help Shannon (CEO of Love U More™).  The booth could not have been in a better location. It was near the stage, just down from the Barefoot Wine booth and across from the porta-potties. We saw a lot of people come through Pride, many of them stopped by our booth in that six hour time frame, some friends and family, several that we’d never met. At one point, Shannon and Mike had a line! Yes, that’s very exciting to see your first line. LUM had a good day overall, we even sold out of a size or two in the shirts. Needless to say, all of us were so beat by the end of Sunday that we didn’t even attend an after party. We all went straight to my aunt’s house for dinner then home.

The moral of this post is: 1. Go see Barenaked Ladies in concert they put on a great show. 2. Join us for the Andrew Elchin Memorial Tournament next year and wear your ugly attire. 3. Check out Love U More brand and 4. Take Monday off like I did!