I recently attended my first ever production at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival - The Two Noble Kinsmen. Not quite sure what to expect, I went into it with an open mind and made sure to read the synopsis a few times so I’d be able to follow the story easily. It turned out that I was able to follow the dialogue and story line without the added homework I had done. The Two Noble Kinsmen was funny, inspiring, an emotional roller coaster and an all-around great time.

The story revolves around two cousins who fall in love with the same fair lady, but she can not choose between the two so they end up duking it out to compete for her hand. The love triangles and comedic banter made for a hilarious performance in the intimate stage setting at DeSales University.

The Two Noble Kinsmen is performed in the rarely seen rehearsal method of Shakespeare’s day. The actors arrived with their lines memorized and then rehearsed the fights and scenes only days before the first performance. There is no director, no set designer; the actors worked together to rehearse and used costumes they could find from the festival’s closet as well as their own. This style makes for a more spontaneous production … I enjoyed it much more than any movie or show I had seen recently, and it had the audience laughing for most of the play.

We're lucky to have such an impressive caliber of talent right here in Lehigh Valley. Each actor in the production was destined to become an entertainer, they were made for the stage. If you haven’t yet been lucky enough to get over to DeSales to see a performance, I suggest you get on it soon, because there’s less than a week of performances left in this year’s festival. For more reviews of recent PSF productions, read our reviews of South Pacific, Hamlet, Pride & Prejudice and The Comedy of Errors.