The Lehigh Valley Zoo is open year round. In fact, some of the animals there are more active in the winter. See, some animals get pretty lazy in the summer months, what with the copious amounts of warm sunlight going around. According to the Zoo, the animals are generally more active in the winter months and exhibit behaviors that are rarely seen during the spring and summer.

Besides, have you driven up to Lehigh Valley Zoo and the Trexler Game Preserve lately? The drive itself, through some of the more beautiful Lehigh Valley landscapes, is enough to warrant getting out and about during the winter.

That being said, we are going to list the Top Five Best Animals at the Lehigh Valley Zoo, because we want to make sure you get the best out of your visit.

5. The Goats: Sure, they are a little greedy when you're feeding them in the petting zoo area of the Lehigh Valley Zoo, but if you had to compete against a bunch of other goats for fun treats, you would be, too. The goats are a family favorite stop and, to be honest, they probably have some of the best personalities of any of the animals there. Just make sure you take enough treats out to feed them all, they can be emotionally sensitive. If you brush them while you're there, though, you may make a new friend for life.

4. Zebras: They might not be as interested in people as the goats are, but to see a zebra up close and in all their striped glory is pretty unique. Even adults get that "wow" factor associated with seeing something, or some animal, that you usually only see in pictures.

3. The Wolves:  If the zebras have the "wow" factor, the wolves (Mexican gray wolves to be exact) have the "wow" factor. These are some very beautiful, but very dangerous animals. The last time I was at the zoo, they had just began chowing down on some fresh meat that was tossed into their enclosure and they sure did like it. It was fun to see some of the wolves take their own little piece off to a corner to munch in private. For the sheer "real life" factor, the wolves are some of the most fascinating animals to watch.

2. The Penguins: What? The penguins are number 2? Yes. And I'll tell you why. A few years ago, I was able to meet one of these majestic African penguins at a charity event and it tried to eat my hair. "Sure," you may say, "you shouldn't have gotten so close to the penguin, especially after the nice lady told you not to." But, that's not the point. The penguin definitely wanted to eat my hair and for that, I am going to push them down a notch this year. In all seriousness, the penguins provide some of the best entertainment at the zoo. Their feeding times are nearly comical in their cuteness and when they perform their little synchronized swimming soirees to burn off their penguin steam, it's a pleasure to watch.

1. The Otters! The otters win mainly because they look so funny when they are running after each other. There is something about an otter chasing another otter on land that brings joy to my heart. They also seem to be the happiest of all the animals what with their awesome little moat. They also have probably the coolest venue for spectators. The otter amphitheater is a hit for large and small groups alike.

So, there you have it, the Top 5 Lehigh Valley Zoo animals completely biasedly picked by me.

What's your favorite?

Enjoy some additional photos and a video of our visit to Ottertoberfest a few months ago.